Conditions of Play


1. The tournament will be played under the laws of the game governing outdoor bowls in Wales, published by the Welsh Bowling Association. However some variations are necessary to ensure that the tournament can be run to and completed on schedule.
2. The Umpire(s) nominated for the day shall see that the laws of the game are strictly observed and shall intervene whenever they are violated, whether appealed to or not, and shall determine all questions or disputes that may arise on such day that do not some within the scope of the markers duties as herein after defined and his decision shall be final and binding.
3. The singles shall be played over 2 sets of 9 ends with a 3 end tie break if required. The semi finals and final will be as above except for 11 ends to be played, two trial ends allowed each game.
3a. The U21 singles semi finals will be played over 2 sets of 9 ends with a 3 end tie break if required. The final will be as above except for 11 ends to be played, two trial ends allowed each game.
4. A marker shall be appointed for each rink (singles only) who shall keep the score and answer queries as to the position of bowls and their distance from the jack but shall not give directions to nor consult with either player as to their play.
5. Late arrival (for pairs see 8d). Start times are at the discretion of the tournament committee. If any player fails to appear before the start time, the tournament committee will consider the schedule and decide whether a late start can be permitted. The tournament committee may for any reason change any start times, for example to give players a break between rounds or to take into account quick or slow games.
6. Players must play matches without delay. If a player neglects to begin or continue the game when requested by the tournament committee, or who, in the opinion of the tournament committee, shall be wilfully wasting time after one caution, the tournament committee may disqualify him and award the game to his opponent(s).
7. The tournament committee reserves the right to have the green cut and rolled at any time, or to use ground sheets if necessary.
8. (a) Pairs will be played to 15 ends maximum, or 2 hours, each player having three bowls. Games played up to and including the last 8 shall be played to a time limit of two hours.
(b) The two players taking part in the first game shall constitute the “pair” and should normally play together throughout the competition. One additional player and the same player may, however, be used as a substitute at any time in any position, provided he has not already played in the pairs competition or been named in the draw.
(c) If a “pair” are not ready to play, with bowls on the bank of their designated rink at the start of the game, they will be penalised 2 shots and 1 end for every five minutes or part thereof. If they do not arrive within 20 minutes of the start of the game they will be scratched.
(d) In the event of a drawn game in pairs, the winner will be decided by an extra end(s) played with each player bowling two bowls each. Toss of a coin will decide who has the option of extra end jack. The semi-final and final extra ends will be played with three bowls each.
9. The Official Score card must be signed by both the players and the marker in the singles and by both skips in the pairs and must be returned to the tournament committee immediately after the conclusion of each game.
10. Any stickers issued by the tournament committee must be attached to competitor’s bowls prior to their game.
11. All competitors must wear grey trousers and club shirts (with a collar). The quarter-final of the singles and pairs will be played in whites. The semi-finals and finals of both singles and pairs will be played in white trousers with coloured shirts issued by the Penylan Club. On no occasion will shorts, jeans or training shoes be permitted.
12. The Penylan Bowling Club or committee will not be responsible for any loss or injury suffered by a competitor.
13. These conditions are subject to alteration by the Tournament Committee should it be necessary. Any decision made by the Tournament Committee shall be final.