Squads 2022

Club 1908: Ross Lewis (c), John Seaford, Joe Parry, Larry Davies, Steve MacDonald

Marlboro: Kevin Lewis (c), Joe Coles, Gary Bryon, Mark Evans, Paul Hillier, Mike Reynolds

Sandringham: Peter Axon (c), Dave Maunder, John Edwards, Tony Pace, Robert Parker

Stags: Gary Cox (c), Ben Parry, Dave Fredericks, Ian Rennie, Archie Andrews, Nick Clarke

Tredegar: Mark Osling (c), Richard Orszynski, James Windsor, Eddie Gray, John Cummings, Hayden Cooper

Waterloo: Chris Jenkins (c), Liam John, Sean Hawkey, Nigel Harries, Martin Keoghane

5 A Side Fixtures

Monday 25th April: 6pm start

Stags v Sandringham, Tredegar v Waterloo, Marlboro v Club 1908

Tuesday 26th April: 6pm start

Stags v Tredegar, Waterloo v Marlboro, Club 1908 v Sandringham

Thursday 28th April: 6pm start

Marlboro v Stags, Sandringham v Tredegar, Club 1908 v Waterloo

Monday 2nd May: 6pm start

Stags v Club 1908, Tredegar v Marlboro, Waterloo v Sandringham

Tuesday 3rd May: 6pm start

Waterloo v Stags, Tredegar v Club 1908, Sandringham v Marlboro

Friday 6th May: 6pm start

Finals Night


Each team will field a triple and a pair per match

2 bowl triples (18 ends), 3 bowl pairs (18 ends)


1pt – awarded for triples win (in the event of a tie an extra end will be played to determine a winner)

1pt – awarded for pairs win (in the event of a tie an extra end will be played to determine a winner)

2pts – bonus points for an overall score win

1pt – bonus losing point within 6 shots of the overall score